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Looking for cheese?  We've got a huge selection of everything cheese! 

Our selection of Canadian cheeses is massive and includes everything from medium cheddar and mozzarella to the most delectible aged cheddars and specialty cheese.  Looking for goats milk or sheeps milk cheese?  Perhaps cheese from around the world?  We've got that as well.  Load up with cheesy goodness, you are sure to be impressed!
St Albert Mild Cheddar
Black River 2 Year Old Cheddar
Coombe Castle Shropshire Blue
St Albert Old White Cheddar
Old Croc Aged Cheddar
Black River Monterey Jack
Black River 3 Year Old Cheddar
St Albert Mild White Cheddar
St Albert Extra Old White Cheddar
Mini Babybel Swiss x6
Bothwell Smoked Gouda
St Albert Extra Old Cheddar
St Albert Medium White Cheddar
St Albert Old Cheddar
St Albert Medium Cheddar
Balderson Village Mild White Cheddar