Apricot Jalapeno Cheese Topping


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Apricot Jalapeno Topping. Serve with crumbled cheeses, with Parmesan. 230 ml/7.8 US fl. oz.

Ingredients: Sugar, water, dried apricots (apricots, Sulphur dioxide), red peppers, modified corn starch, red jalapeno peppers puree (red jalapeno peppers, salt, acetic acid, natural flavor), dehydrated red bell peppers, citric acid, salt, spices.

Allergen Info: Contains sulphites.

Directions: Perfect for pairing with a variety of Cheeses. Choose a selection of cheeses for your cheeseboard, offer these Toppings for Cheese as a side like Chutney or RelishTopping. Goes well with Hard or soft cheeses, try it with a Gouda or smoked Gouda, incredible with a Blue cheese such as Stilton. Makes an ideal topping for a perfect Baked Brie.

Ambient until opened then refrigerate.

Prepared in Canada