Garlic Ail - Squeeze


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Spice World Garlic is a versatile ingredient that adds bold flavor to many dishes. The premium product is made without artificial colours and preservatives, making it a delicious choice for your favourite meal. This minced garlic is free of fat and sodium. It's delicious in pasta, chicken, veggies, pizza and dips. This garlic comes in a convenient squeeze bottle, making it ideal for grilling, picnics, tailgating and cooking in the kitchen.

Spice World Squeeze Minced Garlic, 9.5 oz:
  • Garlic, Premium, Minced, Squeeze
  • Fat free, no sodium. Quality since 1949. Delicious in the kitchen. Convenient for BBQ's, picnics & tailgate parties. Excellent with pasta, chicken, fish, veggies, pizza, dips & garlic bread. Add to cocktail & BBQ sauces!

Net Weight: 269g