Hall's Apple Butter


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Hall's Apple Butter is a semi-sweet spread, made from a time-tested recipe using only tree ripened hand picked apples.

No preservatives, or artificial colourings.

We use a combination of freshly pressed cider and apple puree then a small amount of bicarbonate of soda is added to reduce the acidity and help bring out the sweetness of the natural sugar. This mixture is then boiled and reduced to capture the natural fructose sugar and the wholesome flavour of the apples. With no added sugar our Apple Butter is wonderful for diabetic or low sugar diets as a condiment or a flavour enhancer in cooking. Apple Butter is the perfect combination of old-time sweetness and creamy texture. Made with apple juice, apple sauce, bicarbonate of soda, and carbohydrates, and cinnamon. Has a smooth, thick “butter-like” consistency and tastes great on toast, bakes wonderfully in cakes, and glazes pork to perfection.

Size: 250ml