Is That Special Person Hard to Buy For? A Gift Basket Is the Easy Choice They Will Love!

Is That Special Person Hard to Buy For?  A Gift Basket Is the Easy Choice They Will Love!

We've all got them. The father who doesn't want anything for his birthday, the mother who returns whatever gift you get her, no matter how much time and effort you put into it.  The sibling who always loves the gift, but when you come by for a visit, it's neatly tucked away in the closest.

We get it - buying gifts for family can be tough.  You want to make sure that the money you invest is going to put a smile on their face.  Well we've worked hard to come up with a variety of gifts that no matter who they are - they are absolutely going to love!

Consider a gift basket.  And not just any gift basket - one of our out-of-this-world combinations of amazing snacks, treats and foods.  And it doesn't matter who they are, what they like or dislike - we are sure to have a basket that is right for anyone and any budget!

Obviously we are HUGE fans of cheese.  Our store was founded in the Balderson Cheese factory that opened in 1881 - so I would suggest we are the absolute experts on everything fromage.  And we've whipped up a big variety of baskets with a large variety of assortments of cheese and cheese-related treats!  Check them out here...

In combination with cheese our team have added a variety of complimentary pieces that could include crackers, meats, preserves and so much more.  Lookin for keto friendly or gluten free options?  We've put those together as well.  We've have expertly assembled combinations that are sure to be a hit!

We are proudly Canadian and our gift baskets feature mostly Canadian products many of the items are sourced from local farmers and producers.  And what's more Canadian than maple syrup?  Our collection of Maple Syrup themed gift baskets are a favoruite of Canadian's coast to coast - and as a parting gift for departing friends!

And if sweets are more up their alley, we've got a huge selection of chocolate and sweets gift baskets that are decadent and delicious!  

And to add a personal touch, add any message you want to any of our baskets, we'll include it and ship it to you or right to their door.  You can even order well in advance and choose the date you want it shipped!

Clearly we are huge fans of Canadian foods, and experts at delivery exceptional gift baskets to Canadians coast-to-coast!

Give us a try, we'd to provide that special gift for your relative, friend, clients and more!


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