Charcuterie in a Box - Choose your serving size


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Charcuterie boards are popular - that's because they are amazing!  What a great way to enjoy a snack, meal or social get together - and have something everyone is sure to love!

We are meat and cheese specialists, and folks are often choosing a variety of our specialty grocery products to make their charcuterie boards tasty and exciting.  Well, our team has put together charcuterie boards to go, that we will ship right to your door.  We've assembled an assortment of fantastic meats, cheeses and more - that we'll box out and ship to your door!  Simply unbox, cut, display and serve.

Step 1... Choose your portion size

Step 2... Select the food groupings you'd like included

Step 3... Add an optional wooden charcuterie board

Step 4... Add a message if sending as a gift

Step 5... Choose the date you would like us to ship it out (please allow 2-3 business days)

Then you are all set!  Our team of experts will assemble an amazing selection of tasty treats, and will ship your charcuterie box right to your door!

Popular items in our charcuterie boxes include, a variety of cheeses and meats, local jams, jellies and spreads, an assortment of crackers, can include nuts and sweet treats.  Our team include complimentary and contrasting flavours, so their is a variety for every palette.

Please note... we do not include fruits or fresh vegetables in our charcuterie boxes.

Looking for a several charcuterie boards for clients or an event?  We do that!  Simply email, and we'd be happy to work with you!