Keto and Low Carb Favourites

Are you a follower of the keto or low carb lifestyle?  It's definitely a great option to help folks lose weight and keep it off!  We've got a huge selection of low or zero carb products that are perfect for you!  Think outside-the-box when you are preparing your next meal or snack by choosing some of our very special keto-friendly products!
Balderson Village White Cheese Curds
Balderson Heritage (5 Year)
Balderson Village Coloured Cheese Curds
Balderson Village Mozzarella With Jalapeno and Red Chilie
Balderson Village Extra Old White Cheddar
Balderson Double Smoked Cheddar
Old Fashioned Smokey Bacon Mini Pepperettes
Balderson Extra Old White Cheddar Cheese
Balderson Village Medium Cheddar With Canadian Maple Mustard
Old Canadiana Hickory Summer Sausage
Balderson Village Mozzarella With Onion
Balderson Championship
From $11.99 - $19.99
Balderson Village Smoked Old Cheddar
Balderson Village Old Cheddar
Balderson Village Medium White Cheddar w/Cranberry
Balderson Heritage (3 Year)
From $14.99 - $24.99
Mennonite Beef & Pork Summer Sausage Small
Balderson Village Mozzarella With Roasted Garlic & Red Pepper
Balderson Royal Canadian (2 Year)
From $12.99 - $22.50
Balderson Village Old Cheddar w/Hot Whiskey Mustard
Balderson Marble Cheddar Cheese
Balderson Village Smoked Gouda Cheese
Maple Dale Caralmelized Onion
Balderson Medium Cheddar Cheese
Balderson Village Mozzarella With Garlic
Four Cheddar Round
Montreal Style Cracked Pepper Salami Hot Salami Half
Old Fashioned Premium Mild Mini Pepperettes
Maple Dale Dill & Garlic Cheddar
Great Canadian Meat Chorizo Salami
Balderson Old Cheddar Cheese
Balderson Old White Cheddar Cheese
Balderson Village Extra Old Cheddar
Balderson Village Mozzarella With Caraway
Maple Dale Colby Cheese
Maple Dale Ghost Pepper Cheddar
Balderson Village Gouda Cheese
Balderson Village Medium Cheddar
Old Croc Extra Aged Cheddar
European Style All Beef Mini Pepperettes
Balderson Village Old Cheddar With Wine
Old Fashioned Hot Mini Pepperettes